Cat Comfort

The guy I live with calls these pillows. The British and Irish might call them cushions, since they are decorative items that humans put on their sofas or beds, but don’t sleep on them in their beds. In Britain and Ireland, a pillow is something you sleep on. In the USA, a cushion is the…


I’ve had enough!

This expression has two meanings. The first is that you don’t want anymore of something. If someone offers you more food or drink, you might say, “no thank you, I’ve had enough”. It also can mean that something has been going on in your life and you don’t want it to continue. “I’ve had enough…

Pronunciation and Speaking

English Vowels.

A, E, I, O, U. Meow. There are five vowels in English, everyone knows that, right? But there are at least 15 different ways to pronounce vowels in North American English, and 20 in total. This can be very hard if your native language has less vowel sounds, and most languages do. Here is a…


Are you beat?

Here are a few ways to say “I’m very tired” in English. I’m beat. I’m drained. I’m worn out. I’m wrecked. I’m pooped. I’m worn out. I’m dead tired. (Remember here nobody is really dead).