I like my apartment, but I don’t like the neighborhood. I like my apartment. I don’t like the neighborhood, though. “Though” is used sometimes just like this, instead of the word “but”. You use it when you are trying to emphasize the difference between ideas. You can also say, “I like my apartment, though I…


Irregular Plurals

English is never simple. I feel so sorry for humans. To make a noun plural, most of the time you add an ‘s’. “Cat” becomes “Cats”. Sometimes, you ad an “es” such as “foxes”, “churches”, “bushes”. There are also some that are completely irregular. My two favorite teachers discuss this in this video which is…


Spy cats.

This guy speaks very quickly, so be patient. It’s the story of an attempt to use cats as spies. This can be hard to watch, and I think it was cruedl to the cats. Besides, I don’t know what they were thinking?! Cats sleep too much to be good spies. We do watch you though….


Cat history in Japan-reading practice.

https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-topics/g01054/waneko-studies-a-journey-into-japan%E2%80%99s-cat-lore.html?fbclid=IwAR2we9Fdu6vpbY_w4HK45PsmlqLdz8B4hqtEFunCGrgQBDVFrA7nhvefl2M My Uncle Jon visited the temple in the Tokyo area this article discusses. Here is a picture he took while he was there:


Nobody asked me but…..

I’m back. I think this is entirely uncessary. A box is good enough. https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/pets/luxury-cat-hotel-wants-to-open-in-alexandria/ By the way, I’m told that sometimes when people go to watch one of their sports they will sit in something called a “luxury box”. I understand that. This is my luxury box. I have others. I don’t need a hotel.


Boxes are better than bags.

English is a stressed language. In some cases, where you put the stress in a word changes the entire meaning of the sentence. RE-fuse means garbage. Re-FUSE means you won’t do or take something. Same word, different emphasis on syllables-entirely different meanings. Refuse should always be put in black bags. I would always refuse to…