Rain, Rain, go away.

Actually, rain doesn’t bother me. I’m a cat and I stay indoors. It rains often in Seattle. Seattle has a humid climate. However, in English, when we’re talking about colder weather and humidity, we’ll tend to use the word “damp” to describe the environment. “Hot and Humid”, tend to go together, but if it’s not…



Remember, you go to THE beach, the movies, the airport, the doctor, the mall, the bank…. But, you go to a party, a dinner, to Europe, Asia, Seattle, school. I go to sleep. My assistant often tells me to “go away”.


Off the cuff.

There are many english expressions using the word “off”. “Off the cuff” means doing something without a plan. If you do something “on and off” it means you do something for some time, then stop, then resume it. Lots of people go to the gym “on and off”. If you’re “better off” it means you’re…


Spy cats.

This guy speaks very quickly, so be patient. It’s the story of an attempt to use cats as spies. This can be hard to watch, and I think it was cruedl to the cats. Besides, I don’t know what they were thinking?! Cats sleep too much to be good spies. We do watch you though….


An odd human expression…there are many.

“Curiosity Killed the Cat”. That’s what people say. It means that if you look too closely at something unfamiliar, you might get into trouble. I think this is a very strange expression for two reasons: Cats really don’t care about what humans do. We sleep too much to get into trouble once we a no…

Assistant Grammar Cat


I understand there’s this thing out there called the internet that I’m on right now. Nobody asked me if this was OK. The whole thing was Flash’s idea. I also understand that when you use the internet, or something called “messaging”, you might use certain abbreviations. In my opion (IMO) this is because humans are…



We know conditionals are a big source of confusion and frustration for many English learners. Jon and Kirsten are helping me help you. I asked them to do a series on conditionals. They’re working so I can take a nap.