Pronunciation and Speaking

Silent letters

There are many words with silent letters in English and this is difficult for many students to remember. I hear there is a language called French that has even more words with silent letters. That must be hard. Remember. The ‘c’ in “muscle” is silent. In “knife”, the ‘k’ is silent (and it’s an irregular…

Assistant Grammar Cat


English has many ways to say “no”. “Let’s go outside. “No way! It’s raining”. “Would you like some dessert? Are you kidding? But thank you.” “Flash, do you want to go to the vet?” “By no means!” “Will you join us at the movies later”? “I’ll pass this time”. “Do you like cheese?” “Nope”. I…

Pronunciation and Speaking

Blended Words

Humans should speak more clearly. Often, they combine two words into one. I asked Kirsten and Jon to create some videos that will help you understand humans better.

About Flash

Things cats are good for…..

Confident and Confidant. If you’re confident, you are sure of yourself or that you know something. If you are a confidant, it means you are very close to someone and they trust you with all their secrets. “Confidant” is pronounced “confehdahhnt”. Humans say it sounds like French. I don’t know about that. Cats are both…