Get, Part 1.

Here’s some more information about the word “get”. Jon and Kirsten are working hard on a series of videos to help you. This is really good because now I can take a nap.


Reading practice from our friends in Japan.

This is a long article but you can read it in three parts if you want to. Some vocabulary words: Abound, Abundance, Incantation. It’s not a hard article and it is very interesting.

Assistant Grammar Cat

Singular “their”.

“The people forgot to feed their cat”. That’s a normal use for the word “their”. “Their cat sleeps a lot”. They have a cat. They cat sleeps. Sometimes we use their to refer to a singular. For example: “Somebody forgot their phone at my house”. We do that because we don’t know who left the…


Get. Introduction.

Get is a strange word in English. It has many different meanings, depending on who says it, when, and in what situation. Context is so important. Jon and Kirsten have been working on some videos to help explain “get” to you.



Get is one of the most difficult words in English. It has several meanings. I’m going to ask my two favorite teachers to do a video on “get” because it’s complicated and I wasn to sleep more. Today I’ll give you a few uses for the word in combination with the word “through”. “It’s been…



Remember, you go to THE beach, the movies, the airport, the doctor, the mall, the bank…. But, you go to a party, a dinner, to Europe, Asia, Seattle, school. I go to sleep. My assistant often tells me to “go away”.