Back that cat up.

If you turn your back on someone or something, it means you’re don’t care what happens to them anymore and won’t help them no matter what. Your cat may turn its back on you, but don’t worry. We’ll be back.

Assistant Grammar Cat

Say more. Not less.

“Do you speak Spanish?” “More or less”. You will hear people say that, and it means “I’m OK with Spanish” or “I can speak a little bit but I’m not confident”. “Did you enjoy your trip?” “More or less. Well, was it more or less? You will hear English speakers use these type of expressions…



This week, let’s look at ways to say that something is “ok”. Not good, not bad, but just in the middle. If someone asks you “how was the food?” You can say “it was OK”. You can also say “so-so”. Also “fair”. My personal favorite is “nothing to write home about”. All of these expressions…

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Today I hear that some humans are changing their clocks. It’s an hour later this morning than it was yesterday. So this time of year, we “change the clocks” or “move the clocks an hour” we don’t “change the hour”. My life hasn’t changed. Also, if you “clock out”, it means you’re finished for the…


Humans and screens.

In the past humans only watched screens. Now humans talk to screens in addition to watching them. Sometimes I even see cats on the screens. I also hear this word “zoom”, very often. It seems to make humans very angry. Some expressions I hear often when humans talk to their screens: “I’m sorry, I got…


Stroke the cat.

Isn’t this a nice cat? You pet the cat. You petted the cat. Passive-The cat is getting petted. The cat is being petted. I know in some places you might hear that the cat is being stroked. In some other places, this might sound unusual. Stick with the verb ‘pet’. Remember, your cat is also…


I’ve had enough!

This expression has two meanings. The first is that you don’t want anymore of something. If someone offers you more food or drink, you might say, “no thank you, I’ve had enough”. It also can mean that something has been going on in your life and you don’t want it to continue. “I’ve had enough…