Assistant Grammar Cat

Say more. Not less.

“Do you speak Spanish?” “More or less”. You will hear people say that, and it means “I’m OK with Spanish” or “I can speak a little bit but I’m not confident”. “Did you enjoy your trip?” “More or less. Well, was it more or less? You will hear English speakers use these type of expressions…

About Flash

Getting to know me.

Have we met? What do you know about cats? Will you visit me soon? Do you know the guy who lives with me. I can get to know you better between my naps….. For Spanish-speaking English students, the word “conocer” is often translated as “to know”. While that’s a correct translation, English speakers don’t use…

The assistant grammar cat. A beautiful ginger girl.
Assistant Grammar Cat

Standing in and out.

I did stand up to Flash the other day. Remember that I stand in for him any time he takes a day off and sleeps. Those posts stand out because they don’t happen that often. I think Flash is lazy sometimes, that’s why I have to stand in so our students don’t get stood up…