Have and Hold

People tell me that in some languages, they use one word for these concepts, while in English you use two words.

If you have something, it’s yours. It might be in your house, your car, or it could even be an idea.

If you hold something, think of it as being in your hands, or maybe someplace else safe. It might not be yours. If you’re in a bar, and you’re holding a glass, it’s not yours.

The concepts are close, and there are probably some cases where you one use both words.

There is a difference in English. You would never say “I hold a car”, but you can hold a ball, and the ball could be yours.

Clear enough? The guy who lives with me bought new shoes. He has new shoes, but he doesn’t hold them. The best part of this is that since he has new shoes, I have a new box. It’s definitely mine.

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