Can you hear me now?

Hey everyone. Just a reminder:

In English, there’s a difference between the verbs “hear” and “listen”. “Listen” and “listening” are usually deliberate. You’re focused while you listen. You listen to music, for example. “Hear” is much more passive. In my apartment, I often hear noise from the street. I don’t want to, but the noise comes in so it enters my ears and I hear it.

My assistant is listening in this picture. You can see the concentration on her face.

At the same time, I don’t know what she was hearing.

How about the title of this post “Can you hear me now?” Why is it not “listen”? It’s a general question, which asks if you are able to do something. I’m not asking if you can do something specific, it’s just a general question about my voice and whether or not you know I’m making some noise.

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