Get. Introduction.

Get is a strange word in English. It has many different meanings, depending on who says it, when, and in what situation. Context is so important. Jon and Kirsten have been working on some videos to help explain “get” to you.


Hotel Cat.

This hotel in New York is famous for two things. It has a cat the goes anywhere it wants to in the hotel. A famous group of humans used to meet there. They called themselves, “the Round Table”. They were famous, because many people knew about them. They had fame for different reasons. Some were…

About Flash

Canadian Vocabulary.

My human keeps telling me I live near Canada. I can’t see Canada from the chesterfield, so I’ll have to believe him. Many Americans and Canadians sound alike, but there are some words that are unique to Canadian English. Canada: Parkade US: Parking Garage Canada: Washroom (Public) US: Bathroom Canada: Hydro. US: Electric Bill or…



I like my apartment, but I don’t like the neighborhood. I like my apartment. I don’t like the neighborhood, though. “Though” is used sometimes just like this, instead of the word “but”. You use it when you are trying to emphasize the difference between ideas. You can also say, “I like my apartment, though I…


American and British English.

Cats always understand each other. Humans don’t, even when they speak the same language. Here are a few examples of things people in the US and UK call by different names: US: Elevator UK: Lift US: Sneakers UK: Trainers US: Fries UK: Chips US: Stove (kitchen) UK: Cooker US: Closet UK: Wardrobe US: Cabinet UK:…

Assistant Grammar Cat


Here are some alternatives to using the word “very”. If you’re very tired: Say “exhausted” or more casually “wiped out”. If something is very small, say it’s “tiny”. If something or someone is very necessary, you can say it’s “essential”. If something is very cute, you can say it’s “adorable”. My assistant doesn’t think too…