Question words.

Flash asked me if i wanted to do a lesson this week. As usual, he gave me no ideas, so I thought I would review forming a question. For those of you taking standard English tests, this is an important thing to remember.

Always start a question with a question word: What, How, Who, Where, Why, How often, How much…..

Where do you study English?

Why were you visiting Seattle?

Where is the cat food?

Notice the second word in each question. Those are essential to forming a question correctly in English. We call them auxilliary verbs. Often, it’s do, did, does, was, were, will, but not always.

The next word is the subject. If I ask you a question, “you” are the subject. If I ask about someone or something else, they become the subject. So “where is Flash right now?” Flash is the subject. Answer: ” he is asleep”.

Another important question pattern in English are questions that start with “Do”. So, “Do you like ice cream?” Or,
“Don’t you like cats?”

You do like cats, don’t you? (more on that later).

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