Though, Although, and Tho’.

Although I’m a cat, I can teach English.

I’m a cat, though that does not stop me from teaching English.

I like teaching English even though it interferes with my sleep.

I like teaching English although it interferes with my sleep.

“Though” and “Although” are called conjuctions. In this case, they help you join two ideas together. In many cases, people use these conjuctions to tell you about two ideas or thoughts that don’t really go together. In my case, they are sleep and teaching.

I hear humans saying things like, “although I like my house, I don’t like the neighborhood”. “My job isn’t great, I like the hours, though.”

There really isn’t a big difference between “though” and “although”. “Although” is the one that can come at the start of a sentence.

“Tho'” is a way humans spell “though” in a text message or when they are lazy.

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