Irregular Plurals

English is never simple. I feel so sorry for humans. To make a noun plural, most of the time you add an ‘s’. “Cat” becomes “Cats”. Sometimes, you ad an “es” such as “foxes”, “churches”, “bushes”. There are also some that are completely irregular. My two favorite teachers discuss this in this video which is…

Assistant Grammar Cat

Question words, part 2.

Remember, you will also hear humans ask confirming questions. “You do like pizza, don’t you?” This is a way of checking with someone if they like something, or if a situation is OK. Sometimes, people see this as “leading question”, which means they’re pretty sure you like something or are OK with it. Again: “You…

Assistant Grammar Cat

Question words.

Flash asked me if i wanted to do a lesson this week. As usual, he gave me no ideas, so I thought I would review forming a question. For those of you taking standard English tests, this is an important thing to remember. Always start a question with a question word: What, How, Who, Where,…


Off the cuff.

There are many english expressions using the word “off”. “Off the cuff” means doing something without a plan. If you do something “on and off” it means you do something for some time, then stop, then resume it. Lots of people go to the gym “on and off”. If you’re “better off” it means you’re…


Mood vocabulary.

These words can help you tell people you are in a certain kind of mood: Very tired: Exhausted Very happy: Overjoyed. Very sad: Despondent. Very needy: Desperate. Very hungry: Starving, famished. I’m exhausted.


Spy cats.

This guy speaks very quickly, so be patient. It’s the story of an attempt to use cats as spies. This can be hard to watch, and I think it was cruedl to the cats. Besides, I don’t know what they were thinking?! Cats sleep too much to be good spies. We do watch you though….


Though, Although, and Tho’.

Although I’m a cat, I can teach English. I’m a cat, though that does not stop me from teaching English. I like teaching English even though it interferes with my sleep. I like teaching English although it interferes with my sleep. “Though” and “Although” are called conjuctions. In this case, they help you join two…



Many humans like to travel. The guy who lives here went to a place called “New York”. We have some nice people coming in to feed us while he will be gone. He’s nice like that. “Travel” is an interesting word. You spell it with one ‘l’. However, you can write the word “traveller” with…

Pronunciation and Speaking

Silent letters

There are many words with silent letters in English and this is difficult for many students to remember. I hear there is a language called French that has even more words with silent letters. That must be hard. Remember. The ‘c’ in “muscle” is silent. In “knife”, the ‘k’ is silent (and it’s an irregular…