I understand there’s this thing out there called the internet that I’m on right now. Nobody asked me if this was OK. The whole thing was Flash’s idea.

I also understand that when you use the internet, or something called “messaging”, you might use certain abbreviations.

In my opion (IMO) this is because humans are lazy. At the moment (ATM), Flash is asleep, so I’m giving you this short lesson. To be honest (TBH) this type of thing is not really my expertise since I’m a cat, but it’s no problem (NP), since cats are better communicators than most humans. At the same time, this whole subject is something I find sad (smh-shaking my head).

Try to always use complete sentences and proper English, please (pls).

By the way (BTW), I’m MishMish, the Assistant Grammar Cat (AGC)

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