Let’s meet up and talk about meeting.

The word “meeting” in English can be tricky. The dictionary will tell you it’s when two or more people get together. The reality is that English speakers use it to describe a business or work setting. They will rarely say, “I’m having a meeting at my house with some friends”, unless there’s some kind of reason or business involved. They might say “I’m getting together with friends” or “I’m seeing/visiting friends”. Another way they express this idea is to say “I’m going over to Flash’s house”. “My friends are coming over for dinner”. “Dinner” is the event. “Meeting” as a noun, an event, is mostly for business or work purposes.

The ing form of the verb “to meet” is another case. “I’m meeting a friend”, “I’m meeting up with a friend”. “I’m meeting Jon at Victoria Station at 4 o’clock”.

If you’re planning a meeting, you could say, “let’s have our meeting at 5”. Or “we’re holding a meeting to discuss how to be nice to our cat”, as an example of how to announce a meeting and tell the people what it’s about.

“Meeting” is an interesting case. I know that in some languages you use the same word to describe all kinds of situations. As you know, English is never that simple.

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