Irregular Plurals.

English has so many irregulars. There are irregular verbs, of course, but remember that not every plural noun ends in “s” or “es”. Only humans could create this. Children (Child). Teeth (Tooth). Leaves (Leaf). Feet (Foot), Person (People, but even here there are exceptions to the exception). Geese (Goose). Mice (Mouse). There are no mice…


It’s hot.

We’re having a heat wave here in Seattle. That means the weather is hotter than normal. The temperature today was about 100 degress Fahrenheit, that’s 37 degrees Celsius. I don’t know why humans need so many ways to tell themselves it’s hot. Remember, in English we always say “it’s x degrees”. Sometimes you’ll here people…

Assistant Grammar Cat


English has many ways to say “no”. “Let’s go outside. “No way! It’s raining”. “Would you like some dessert? Are you kidding? But thank you.” “Flash, do you want to go to the vet?” “By no means!” “Will you join us at the movies later”? “I’ll pass this time”. “Do you like cheese?” “Nope”. I…



English has many ways to say “yes” or to permit somebody to do something. Have a look at these. “Can I use your phone”? “Sure”. “Can I have a piece of chocolate?” “By all means!” “Would you like to join me at the game?” “Absolutely”. “Another drink?” “You bet!” “More food?” “Definitely”. Some times you’ll…

Assistant Grammar Cat


I understand there’s this thing out there called the internet that I’m on right now. Nobody asked me if this was OK. The whole thing was Flash’s idea. I also understand that when you use the internet, or something called “messaging”, you might use certain abbreviations. In my opion (IMO) this is because humans are…


Let’s meet up and talk about meeting.

The word “meeting” in English can be tricky. The dictionary will tell you it’s when two or more people get together. The reality is that English speakers use it to describe a business or work setting. They will rarely say, “I’m having a meeting at my house with some friends”, unless there’s some kind of…



We know conditionals are a big source of confusion and frustration for many English learners. Jon and Kirsten are helping me help you. I asked them to do a series on conditionals. They’re working so I can take a nap.

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The guy who lives with stopped going to a place called “the office” over a year ago. I don’t mind. I get to bother him and he gets to feed me. I know that there are some cats out there who want things to go back to normal so that their humans will be at…