The guy I live with said he hasn’t been getting much sleep lately. This week he slept as little as 5 hours each night!!!! How is that possible?

Humans have so many words to describe sleep, but they don’t seem to do it very much and always complain.

Here are some of the words humans use to describe sleep.

“Snooze” and “snoozing”. “Nap and Napping”. This refers to short sleep times.

“In dreamland” is another expression to decribe sleeping. “Bagging Z’s”, and “zonked out” are slang terms.

If you “doze off” it means you fell asleep without really intending too. “Dozing” is another way of saying “sleeping”.

If humans “crash” it means they fell asleep suddenly and slept for a long time, usually because they are very tired.

Humans really should sleep more. Be like your cat.

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