Nobody asked me but…..

I’m back. I think this is entirely uncessary. A box is good enough. https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/pets/luxury-cat-hotel-wants-to-open-in-alexandria/ By the way, I’m told that sometimes when people go to watch one of their sports they will sit in something called a “luxury box”. I understand that. This is my luxury box. I have others. I don’t need a hotel.

Assistant Grammar Cat

If that…..

“Humans sleep 7 hours each night, if that”. “If that” is a way of emphasizing a small amount or number. So that sentence is a way I would tell you that I don’t think people sleep very much, and probably not enough. “There were 10 people at the party, if that”. This means there were…


Brands we use in daily language.

Some brand names have become substitutes for certain nouns, and even verbs, in English. I understand that it happens in other languges too. There’s some new tissue paper in the house. It’s very comfortable. “Kleenex” is a brand of tissues for the human face, and sometimes you’ll hear other humans say “do you have any…



The guy I live with said he hasn’t been getting much sleep lately. This week he slept as little as 5 hours each night!!!! How is that possible? Humans have so many words to describe sleep, but they don’t seem to do it very much and always complain. Here are some of the words humans…