Getting to know me.

Have we met? What do you know about cats? Will you visit me soon? Do you know the guy who lives with me. I can get to know you better between my naps…..

For Spanish-speaking English students, the word “conocer” is often translated as “to know”. While that’s a correct translation, English speakers don’t use the word “know” to describe all the situations that Spanish speakers do.

If you’ve never seen a person before, and a friend of you introduces you, then you are “meeting” (to meet). (Remember the expression “nice to meet you”?) After you meet a person, you can say that you’re “getting to know” that person.

When I first met my assistant, I wasn’t sure she would become my assistant, but then I got to know her and now she is my assistant. The Assistant Grammar Cat.

We’ll continue with this subject in the next post.

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