The guy I live with said he hasn’t been getting much sleep lately. This week he slept as little as 5 hours each night!!!! How is that possible? Humans have so many words to describe sleep, but they don’t seem to do it very much and always complain. Here are some of the words humans…


A punch in the gut?

A punch in the gut can mean two things. It can mean that someone punched you, like a boxer, in the stomach. It also can mean that someone did something to you, or said something, that affected you deeply and emotionally. Don’t punch your cat in the gut. We don’t like it.


History of the world.

Here is some good listening practice. Write down the words you don’t know and look them up. Here are a few you may not know: Firefight, Shattered, Hull, Vessel, Sidekick, Pits, Scourge, Rodents, Prey. Seafarers.

Pronunciation and Speaking

Blended Words

Humans should speak more clearly. Often, they combine two words into one. I asked Kirsten and Jon to create some videos that will help you understand humans better.

About Flash

Things cats are good for…..

Confident and Confidant. If you’re confident, you are sure of yourself or that you know something. If you are a confidant, it means you are very close to someone and they trust you with all their secrets. “Confidant” is pronounced “confehdahhnt”. Humans say it sounds like French. I don’t know about that. Cats are both…